Altius MCAT Prep Website Review

Why does it seem like no matter how hard you study, you continuously get low scores on practice tests? Are you not studying the right things? Are you studying from outdated materials? You can change that when you take part in Altius MCAT Prep.

In this review, we are going to talk a little more about the features of the Altius MCAT Prep Website. We’ll give you an overview of the different options and a breakdown of each. Then, we’re going to give you our recommendation on whether or not the material is something you should consider purchasing to prepare for your MCAT!

About The Program

Altius combines superior teaching methods with constant mentoring and support to provide students with the best chances to earn a high MCAT score. When you decide on what program you’d like to enroll in, you’ll be able to attempt and experience the same MCAT questions the AAMC uses, under proctored conditions instead of the rare practice exam.

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Altius uses multiple learning environments, making it easier for students who find classroom lectures difficult. The curriculum students will partake in doesn’t encourage memorization and “plug-n-chug,” instead they emphasize that students master critical thinking and understanding the concepts, all of which will help you much more than other methods.


About The Courses

There are six programs that students can choose that will help you achieve your MCAT goals. Four of these programs are your regular programs, whereas two are Summer Full-Immersion programs.

All of the programs include a two week trial period. In this 14-day trial period, you have the ability to evaluate any Altius MCAT mentoring program. If you aren’t satisfied with what Altius can do, your tuition will be refunded.

Bronze – $1,599

This program will give you access to 4 Perfect-Match MCAT Practice tests and 105 hours of small group instruction where you and a group of peers will sit in on a lecture. There will also be 32 problem based group sessions and 10 study hall sessions. This is a budget friendly option for those who are comfortable with the material, but they really want to master the material.

Silver – $2,299

This program will give you access to 10 Perfect-Match MCAT Practice tests and 120 hours of small group instruction. You’ll have 32 problem based group sessions and 16 study sessions. This is an affordable option for students who want 1 on 1 mentoring, which you will have 12 private sessions.

Gold – $2,999

This program is going to provide you with the same features as the Silver Package, but you’ll have 22 private tutoring sessions as well as 160 total hours of small group instruction. Also, with this package, you’ll receive 16 mastery sessions that will help you master the content. With this package, you can expect to see a significant improvement in you MCAT score.

Platinum – $4,299

With this program, you are getting the most bang for your buck. You’ll get everything in the gold package, but so much more. Not only will you get 42 tutoring sessions and 200 hours of small group instruction, but you’ll receive 16 Platinum-Only review sessions and a silver admissions package that is a $300 value.

For the summer courses, you’ll receive the 14 day trial period, 30 problem based group sessions, all available AAMC practice tests, 10 Altius Perfect-Match MCAT practice tests and independently-verified score results. However, there are additional features to the packages:

Gold Summer – $3,199

With this summer package, you’ll receive 22 private 1 on 1 tutoring sessions and 125 hours of small group tutoring. You’ll also receive 10 each study hall and mastery sessions. This package is great for those who want to make the most out of your summer and see a significant improvement in your test scores.

Platinum Summer – $4,499

With this summer package, you’re going to get an additional 20 sessions of private tutoring, making it an impressive 42 sessions. You’ll also get 175 hours of small group tutoring and 20 of both study hall and mastery sessions. Oh, and you’ll be able to save $300 on the Silver Admissions package, making it free.

Our Recommendation

There are a lot of MCAT prep courses available online and they all have something special about them that makes them appealing. We like the Altius MCAT Prep because their prices are quite affordable and they give many hours of small group tutoring and one on one tutoring for silver and above packages.

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Perhaps the thing we like the most about Altius is that they offer students a 14 day trial from the date of purchase to decide whether or not the like what Altius is offering. If the student doesn’t feel 100% satisfied, Altius will refund your tuition, no questions asked.

But, that isn’t all. We love that they stand behind their products so much, they will match any competitor’s guarantee policy. Altius prides themselves on doing what other prep companies claim to do, which is to have the best guarantee. How do they do this? By agreeing to the same guarantee.

Not only does Altius match guarantees, but they will also offer their elite tutoring and mentoring services for much less than the competition. This is incredibly unprecedented and in our opinion, it proves just how dedicated the company is to helping you raise your MCAT scores.

And it shows, as students who have used the company to prepare, on average, they have scored between the 88th and 95th percentile on their exam.

If you’re on the fence about spending so much money on exam prep, give it a shot and if after 14 days you aren’t impressed by the material or the amount of tutoring you’re receiving, you can always ask for a refund. What have you got to lose?


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