AMCAS Application Guide 2022

If you are a medical school applicant in the year 2022 or a potential med school candidate then you may want to familiarize yourselves with AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service). This is the centralized application processing system and is used by most medical schools in the US. You submit your application once on this system and it is used by as many schools as you may want to apply to.

Keep in mind that AMCAS is only for medical schools granting an MD degree. DO schools have another centralized application system called AACOMAS.

Here is a guide to help you with your 2022 AMCAS application:

Important dates:

These are dates for the 2022 – 2023 season.

May 3, 2022:   AMCAS opens

May 27,2022:  Application submission begins

June 25,2022:  Initial transmission of application data to medical schools

Sep 2022 – Dec 2022:  Application deadlines

Sep 2022 – March 2023: Interview season


  • 152 MD granting schools participating in 2022 with the exception of public schools  that grant MD degree in Texas ( refer TMDSAS)
  • $170 processing fee includes one school
  • $42 for every additional school

-Make sure to have an AAMC ID before starting your application, if not register first to get your AAMC ID.

-Create a profile with basic info about yourself

-Select 2022 application cycle

– Application sections that you need to complete

1. Identifying information

2. Schools attended

3. Biographic information

4. Coursework

5. Work and activities

6. Letters of evaluation

7. Medical Schools

8. Essays

9. Standardized tests

Every section mentioned above is self-explanatory. You will have no difficulty filling those out. There are information boxes giving you tips to important questions. Be sure to refer to the AMCAS application guide for any questions.

Some common mistakes to avoid while filling out coursework

  • Make sure you separate Course Name and Course number appropriately. For ex: BIO101 Intro to Biology has a Course Number  ‘BIO101’ and Course Name ‘Intro to Biology’
  • Be specific while entering coursework. For ex: Physics comes under classification ‘Physics” and not “ Natural Physical Science
  • Enter lecture and lab grades separately
  • Do not forget withdrawals or repeated courses

Tips for essay

-be original and authentic

-your essay should reflect your own journey to pursue medical school

-draw inspiration from others’ essays but stick to your own story

-proofread as many times as you can, read it out loud and have others review and proofread it.

Letters of Evaluation

This can be submitted after submitting your AMCAS application. This is one of the 3 sections in your application that can be modified after submission. Keep in mind that delaying your letter of evaluation and waiting till the last minute can have serious implications on your application as a whole. This is a time taking process since you rely on a third person to complete their part. Keeping this in mind, start the process early.

MCAT exam

Try your best to finish the burden of MCAT early. Keeping it to the last minute will only add more pressure. Another reason is that you don’t want to waste your time and money applying to multiple schools only to realize later that you don’t have the perfect score for your school of choice. Admissions committees would like to see your score in order to decide about early admission. In this case, ideal would be to have it done by April 2022( April of the year you are applying). You may run into a situation where you have to take the MCAT multiple times. For this reason, writing the MCAT the year before you apply will give ample time to improve scores if you want to retake.

But again, if you have a solid plan and you are able to finish the other parts of your application, then latest you can take the test would be June 2022(June of the year you are applying) with a score release in July 2022.

Finally, submit and pay for the application.  Keep in mind transcripts must be sent before your application enters the Verification Queue( queue = application + transcripts + ready for review status)

August – Med schools start sending out invitations by August usually, keep preparing for secondary essays, med school interviews in the meanwhile.

September – interview season, if there are any changes to your application make sure to notify the school by this time. Plan to be done with the entire application process( main application, secondary essays, letter of recommendation) by this time.

Interview season can start by September and go on till March of the following year.

Early Decision program – if your school is a participant in the EDP, then by October 1st you will hear back about acceptances.

If you are waitlisted or accepted, the school will notify you of a criminal background check done at no cost to you.

medical school applicants 2022
amcas application guide 2022

This is an overview of the process. The idea is to start the planning early as there are so many moving parts to your application process and it is not easy if you want your application to stand out from the rest. Nevertheless, it is not an impossible task, has been done by many every year and will continue to be the same. Keep in mind from the beginning to be genuine and give the process its due respect as it will reflect at some point in your journey to medical school!



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