Princeton Review MCAT Test Prep Review

Deciding into going into the healthcare profession isn’t something that you should take lightly. It’s going to require a lot of work, a lot of preparation, and a lot of money—and that’s before you even get into medical school!

Why is it going to be such a challenge just to get into the school? It’s because you have to prepare for the MCAT, and we’re going to take a look at how the Princeton Review MCAT Test Prep can help.

In this review, we are going to talk a little more about the features of the Princeton Review MCAT Test Prep. We’ll give you an overview of the different options and a breakdown of each. Then, we’re going to give you our recommendation on whether or not the material is something you should consider purchasing to prepare for your MCAT!

About The Program

The Princeton Review is one of the leading company in tutoring, test prep and college admission services. For over 35 years, Princeton Review has been trusted by families and students to help them get into the colleges of their dreams, but also help them succeed in high school and beyond.

Princeton Review MCAT Test Prep

The Princeton Review MCAT Test Prep is a program that is going to help aspiring students who’d like to get into the medical school of their dreams by giving them the tools necessary to prepare for their MCAT.

What makes Princeton Review’s course special is that they provide you with a specialist for each of the six MCAT subjects. This means instead of having just one tutor, you have six.

The tools you gain access to when you choose Princeton Review will give you real-time feedback so you can maximize your MCAT scores. Students will be able to go through drills and MCAT practice tests that will help you prepare for that all-important 3-hour exam.


MCAT Courses

Princeton Review has four different courses that you can enroll in that will help you study.

Self-Paced $1,999

This course is ideal for those who don’t have the time to formally study with a class. To make the most of this package, you have to be a self-motivated learner who wants to study when they have the time, and at their own pace.

With this package, you will gain access to more than 500 on-demand content review videos that have been created by the company’s most and experienced instructors. The videos will target specific content areas so you can focus on the areas you need help in the most.

You’ll also gain access to practice tools like drills, full-length practice tests, diagnostic tests, and score reports.

MCAT Strategy – $2,299

This course is designed to provide students with 44 hours of live instruction that focuses on MCAT strategies. With this course, you’ll get four-step solutions that will help you solve every type of question that will appear on the exam, in every subject. With their proven approach to problem solving, you’ll never have to leave a question unanswered.

In the 44-hour MCAT strategy course, you’ll receive instruction on:

  • check6 hours of organic chemistry
  • check6 hours of physics
  • check6 hours of general chemistry
  • check10 hours of biology
  • check8 hours of CARS
  • check8 hours of psychology/sociology

Along with the 44-hours of instruction, you’ll gain access to the same content videos, tests, drills, and guidance tools.

Ultimate Classroom – $2,799

With this course, you have the option of accessing the information and instruction online, or you can attend the Princeton Review course in Freehold, New Jersey. This course has been dubbed as the “gold standard” of MCAT courses, as experts will guide you through 123 hours of focused content review and specific MCAT strategies.

In the 123-hour MCAT Ultimate Classroom course, you’ll receive instruction on:

  • check12 hours of organic chemistry
  • check18 hours of physics
  • check18 hours of general chemistry
  • check33 hours of biology
  • check21 hours of focused CARS
  • check21 hours of psychology/sociology

And like the previous courses, you’ll gain access to the same content videos, tests, drills, and guidance tools.

Winter Bootcamp – $2,799

With this intense course, you will spend your winter break (roughly 4 to 6 weeks) studying and participating in the MCAT Strategy LiveOnline Course. With this course, you’ll have the same benefits of the MCAT Strategy course.

Private Tutoring

Princeton Review also offers three private tutoring sessions you can enroll in:

Comprehensive Package (60 hours of tutoring) – $160 per hour

  • checkNeed to prepare for every section of the exam
  • checkHave at least 12 weeks to dedicate to your studies
  • checkHave a low score you need to dramatically increase

Targeted Package (10 hours of tutoring) – $180 per hour

  • checkYou’ve studied but need more personalized help
  • checkNeed to focus on one section of the exam
  • checkWant to supplement a self-study program

Flexible Plan (3 hours of tutoring) – $200 per hour

  • checkYou want to maximize classroom prep results
  • checkNeed a targeted refresher before retaking the exam
  • checkIf you want to try the tutoring before committing to a tutoring schedule

Our Recommendation

Planning for your future always leaves us feeling excited, nervous, and maybe even a little afraid. These feelings are amplified when you know you have to take a very important exam like the MCAT before you can even begin to live out your dreams. Fortunately, Princeton Review MCAT Test Prep has numerous ways that you can prepare to ace the exam.

The Princeton Review logo.

There are four different course selections you can enroll in, one of which even has an in-person option—if you live near Freehold, New Jersey. Along with these four courses, there are three private tutoring packages that you can opt in for if you require some extra help.

We like the test prep offered by Princeton Review because they have been in the industry for more than 35 years. For over 35 years, they’ve been helping students reach their goals without making them go broke before even entering medical school! We believe that if you need help preparing, Princeton Review has an option for you.


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