Virtual ATI NCLEX Review

The road to becoming a nurse isn’t as challenging as some would leave you to believe. While it isn’t as intense as trying to become a physician, you do have an important exam that you will have to take in order to become a licensed nurse. The Virtual ATI NCLEX may be the program that will help you achieve your goals of becoming everyone’s favorite nurse.

In this review, we are going to talk a little more about the features of the Virtual ATI NCLEX, but we are also going to give you an overview of what people who have purchased the course had to say about their overall experience with it.

Then, we’re going to give you our recommendation on whether or not this course is something you should consider purchasing to help you prepare!

About The Program

ATI Nursing Education is located in Leawood, Kansas and they have been helping nursing students realize their potential by providing them with the information that’ll help them pass the NCLEX exam.

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The company understand what it takes to pass these high stakes exams and they have a team of educators who are graduate degreed psychometricians who specialize in these exams.

You’ll find that when learning with ATI, you aren’t just another body. They understand that every student is unique and they have designed learning systems to teach the way people learn. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to become an RN or a PN, you’ll be able to get one step closer with ATI.


About The Course

The Virtual-ATI NCLEX review is a 12-week partnership that is tailored to the student’s needs. The review is designed to prepare you for success with the exam, and you will be learning with a personal coach who is going to help you during that 12-week period. Once your coach believes that you are ready, you’ll be given the green light.

  • checkWhen a student registers with this program, you’re getting a coach who is an experienced nurse educator who will provide you with feedback and support.
  • checkEach student will be given 12-week access to an online classroom that starts 30 days before graduation. This classroom is available to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students will have access to over 400 on-demand resources, which is accessible through their mobile device.
  • checkStudents will participate in a review which is personalized over the 12 week period. This review is going to give the student the extra attention in the areas where they need the most instruction. This allows the student to really focus on said area, rather than going over information they are already comfortable with
  • checkStudents are given an assessment featuring practice exam questions that are specific to the areas where they struggle. These practice questions are designed to help the student understand the information and excel when the real exam comes.
  • checkA post-review study plan with remedial resources are given to students after they’ve received the Green Light or after the 12-week period. Students can use these materials to continue studying for the NCLEX.
  • checkIf you don’t feel confident enough after the initial 12-week period, students can purchase an additional 12-weeks of classroom access for an additional fee

Other Study Material Available From ATI

For those who aren’t interested in taking part of the NCLEX review program, you still have the option to use materials to help reinforce the information you’ve learned during your schooling. ATI offers a wide selection of NCLEX materials that students can purchase separately for all areas of nursing.

Some examples of products available include:

  • plusA&P Online Practice and Proctored Assessment (PN) – This assessment is an insightful tool that will include 12 topic screening assessment that is based on 211 A and P objectives that come from 114 LPN participants from a nationwide sample
  • plusPharmacology Flash Cards – This app will help you learn about 200 of the most used medications used on the market today, quickly and easily. The 1,800 flash cards are developed by experts in the field
  • plusDosage Calculation and Safe Medication Administration – This nursing dosage calculation study program provides in-depth tutorials and case studies that will help students master the pharmaceutical math skills at a pace that’s comfortable for them
  • plusPharmacology Made Easy – With this program, students will have access to 12 educational modules that details the effects of medications on the human body. The medications are presented in accordance to their classification.

Our Recommendation

When it comes to choosing an NCLEX review program, you want to make sure you’re choosing a course that has high success rates. We like ATI because they have those high numbers. Students who have received the Green Light from ATI instructors have gone on to pass with flying colors.

100% of NCLEX-PN takers who have received the Green Light have passed. 98% of students who have received the Green Light have gone on to pass the NCLEX-RN.

What we like about ATI is that they have a guarantee in place that states if a student receives the Green Light from an instructor and they fail the NCLEX within three weeks of that Green Light, the student will have an additional 12-week access to the virtual classroom, with no added fee.

Virtual-ATI pass rate.

Keep in mind that for this guarantee to apply, the student must notify ATI in writing of their failing grade within three weeks of receiving the score. There aren’t many education companies that will have this kind of offer.

We also like that other than taking the study course, you can opt to purchase study materials separately if you’d like. These study materials will help you with your studies in the areas that you need special focus.

Your personal coach works with you to ensure that you’re retaining the information and that you’ll have the confidence and knowledge necessary to pass the exam. If not, you get that extra 12-weeks of classroom access for free.


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